Lesson 1 International Employment

  1. The trend of international employment is increasing in Nepal at present. Analyse its advantages and disadvantages. Morang 2073 2+3
  2. Analyse the advantages of foreign employment.
  3. Write about the challenges of foreign employment.
  4. Why International employment is important, how does it help the economic development of a nation? Lalitpur 2074 2+3
  5. Explain the opportunity and challenges of foreign employment.
  6. Write any five opportunities for foreign employment.
  7. Mention the advantages of foreign employment.
  8. What is foreign employment important? Explain the challenges in foreign employment.
  9. State the advantages of international employment.
  10. Write five advantages and five disadvantages of international employment. Lalitpur 2073
  11. Why is international employment important? How does it help the economic condition of the country? Clarify. Chitwan 2073, Parsa 2074 2+3
  12. What do you mean by foreign employment and list out its advantages? Kanchanpur 2073 2+3
  13. The trend of foreign employment is increasing in Nepal at present. Write its three advantages and three disadvantages. Chitwan 2074, Kailali 2074
  14. What is Foreign employment? Make a list of things one should know about foreign employment. Bharatpur metropolitan city 2075.
  15. What is international employment? Write any six importance of international employment? Bhaktapur municipality. (2+3)

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